In February 1976 the Minnesota Legislature passed a bill to establish nine regional units called Educational Cooperative Service Units or ECSUs (pronounced “X-sue”).  The purpose of these organizations was to serve Pre-kindergarten to 12 Education.  That includes offering training for educators and other professionals.  Many professional networks are offered for school staff as well as many student enrichment programs throughout the region.  School districts also have access to Health and Safety services as well as Cooperative Purchasing.  As the services of their local unit increased so did their outreach.  Along the way there were a couple more name changes and then in 2000 they became what we now know as Resource® Training & Solutions with one of their goals being to provide parenting workshops and wellness programs.  As their programs grew so did the need for more and more space until in 2014 they made their final move to a beautiful, state-of-the-art educational center located in Sartell, Minnesota on Highway 15.

Resource Training & SolutionsI started working with Resource® way back in the 1980s when it was ECSU serving on a committee that dealt with the issues of kids with special needs.  When our nonprofit began in 1995 we continued to network with them.  Around 2005 we decided we would join together to co-sponsor a yearly workshop on ADHD featuring local health care and mental health care providers who could speak to the families in a two hour evening workshop and the workshop would be offered at a very affordable price.  This became a yearly event from then on.  Over the years we had small two hour evening workshops for families to big all day workshops for health care, mental health care providers and educators.  Our speakers have been local and well known presenters on a state and national level.  All along workshops have been offered for families who have kids with mental health issues.  Their Family Education/Wellness Specialist, Peggy Imholte, saw the increase of the incidence of mental health issues in schools and the need to expand the parenting classes to include more resources to address this difficult and often lonely road these families travel.  The A-D-A-MSM Board of Directors recognized that kids with ADHD can also have other mental health problems so we agreed to co-sponsor yearly workshops on ADHD as well as children’s mental health.  Once again we teamed up to maintain our high quality and variety of workshops, with excellent presenters and an affordable registration fee that you don’t see anywhere else in the area.

Now I’ve given you the background on Resource® and how it came to be that we have worked together for eleven years.  It’s time to introduce you to the person who works tirelessly to meet the ever growing needs of parents who are raising kids who have all kinds of needs, Peggy Imholte, Family Education/Wellness Specialist at Resource® Training & Solutions.

Q&A with Peggy Imholte:

Who is Peggy Imholte and how long have you been in your position at Resource?

I’m the mother of five children and grandmother of four so I’ve had good practice utilizing Love and Logic techniques.  

I’m a high energy person who enjoys sewing, crafts, making applesauce in the fall and gatherings with friends and family that includes lots of music and laughter.

I’ve been with Resource for 23 years and have loved every minute of it.  There is nothing better than sharing knowledge with parents on how to be the best that they can be in raising their kids.  I believe parents need information and support so they can use their gifts and talents to raise happy, confident and resilient children.

You offer a number of different parenting workshops on Parenting the Love and Logic Way. You are a Certified Facilitator in Love and Logic. Why are you a strong believer in this parenting program?

I have taught hundreds of parents, school staff and others interacting with youth.  Raising kids today is a tough job and I’m a firm believer in youth success and parent excellence.  Love and Logic has two basic rules:

Adults take care of themselves by setting firm limits in loving ways without anger, lecture or threats, (No ALT-just like the keyboard).  When parents can be calm and logical, they will be their best for themselves and their children.  They will role model positive behavior that will be great learning for kids into the future.  They fell the best they can be in a very difficult role in their lives.  This concept is good for all relationships.  Love and logic will give participants concepts that help them to be cool.

The second rule is for adults to let their child’s behavior be an opportunity for them to gain wisdom.  Often Jim Fay has said. “Teach your kids when the price tag is affordable.”  In other words the younger the better.

Sometimes parents read a book on parenting or take a class and walk away thinking, “This isn’t going to work.” What would you say to these parents to encourage them?

No strategies will work unless parents have invested time in positive relationships with their children.  When they have tools to do that instead of arguing and fighting that will help to build those relationships.  If your relationship with your children is good when young, even though teen years can be tough, they will come around again.

What are a few important parenting tips you have taught over the years?

  1. The adult’s job is to set the limits; the child’s job is to test.  Be ready and realize that they want the limits.
  2. Let your child be able to think they have had real world experiences and they will recognize it when they go out into the world.  
  3. Teach them responsibility with chores.  It has both short and long term impacts.
  4. When adults can learn to yell less, they provide a healthy, less toxic environment for the whole family.
  5. Empathy is probably the most powerful tool a parent can use.  It is like a sponge which soaks up emotions, making the problem the bad guy and you the good guy.
  6. Delaying consequences is a great tool for parents to make calmer decisions and children to be concerned about what is happening next.

What closing thoughts or words do you want to give parents?

The best investment any parent can make in the future of their family is to raise responsible, respectful children.  These youth will then become responsible adults who will take good care of family and other people in their lives.  Employers will be happy to hire them.  Communities will be happy to share their talents.  Parents will be happy to know they have great care as they age.  What could be better?

Peggy Imholte, Family Education/Wellness Specialist at Resource® Training & Solutions