A-D-A-M℠ Is Back!

By Lee Gehrls, Volunteer Resource Development Coordinator

Yes, A-D-A-M℠ is back and eager to start sharing more educational resources and options with you. Where were we? Well, one of the things I learned early on as an ADHD parent from other parents who had more experience than me, that you can be moving along pretty well at home and at school with your ADHD treatment and management program and then suddenly it can fall apart. Other parents told me that when that happens you need to back off to just the basics of your life: home, work, and getting back on track with the ADHD. Then once everything starts to fall into place again and you are humming along only then can you reintroduce your outside activities back into your life. I named it my ADHD Survival Mode.

So when A-D-A-M℠ introduced a new website in 2015 and entered into the new world of social media we were doing ok however it was a bit of a steep learning curve for our little organization. We soon saw there were areas that needed a bit of tweaking and some needed more revamping. Since we are a tiny group of volunteers we decided to adopt our ADHD Survival Mode.

We backed off of just about everything. We did our research, found new resources, talked to experts in digital marketing and social media so we could learn the ropes and determine the direction we should go. And here we are. Over the next couple of months, you will see the new changes. Here’s a small sneak preview:

  • The monthly blogs are back and we will have a couple of guest bloggers.
  • Changes to the Calendar section on the Homepage: Event flyers and the Events Calendar are still available. However, we have expanded the listing of the calendar to include Event Blogs alongside the Event Flyers which will give you a bit more detail than just the calendar.
  • We have new resources and online service providers for families and adults especially in online training and virtual support groups.
  • We are building a totally new email system. I’m really looking forward to this. It’s the biggest and most time-consuming project. If you want to be on the new system just send us an email at adaminc@charter.net and let me know. As always if you ever want to be removed from our mailings just notify us and we will remove you from our listing. And just a reminder we never share or sell our email list to anyone.

That’s it for now. On behalf of the A-D-A-M℠ board and our tiny handful of volunteers we are excited and glad to be back doing what we love the most – bringing you new, interesting, sound and timely information and educational options on ADHD.

Stay tuned.

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