Hello Everyone,

What a strange and stressful time we are currently living in.  In our ADHD community, some people are learning how to work from home or maybe dealing with the loss of their job.  Families are trying to maintain a normal household and deal with their kids going to school from home. We all need to keep up our spirits and stay connected to family and friends through social media.  A number of national ADHD organizations have put together information to help cope with the stressors of living through the pandemic. As you know all state and local offices are closed until further notice and events have been canceled.  The resources we have listed give you alternative ways to contact them or access their information. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at adaminc@charter.net

Lee Gehrls | Volunteer Resource Development Coordinator

Dealing With ADHD, Anxiety, And More During COVID-19

Latest COVID-19 Medical Info

National ADHD Resources


Minnesota State ADHD Support Services

  • Minnesota Department of Education
  • NAMI
    • https://namimn.org/
    • If you are looking for online mental health support groups or classes you may want to check out NAMI Minnesota (National Alliance on Mental Illness) – this is their home page.
  • PACER Center
    •  https://pacer.org/
    • This link gives you current updates regarding alternatives to their cancelled workshops, contacting their office, and information from the MN Dept of Education.

Other Local ADHD Support Services

  • NAMI St.Cloud Support Group
    • http://www.namistcloud.com/family-support-group.html 
    • There are no further meetings scheduled at this time until April 28, 2020 if events can be held at that time.  They are also moving to a new location – 722 33rd Avenue North, St. Cloud. The sign on the building says StandDown.  Please check this link frequently for updates and how to contact them.
  • St. Cloud Area Family YMCA
    • https://scymca.org/ymca-to-suspend-services/
    • Due to COVID-19 the St. Cloud Area Family YMCA has suspended services.  For all the details regarding their closure and all future updates which will include information on their parenting classes 1-2-3 Magic and Love & Logic check out the above link.

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