ADHD & Law Enforcement: August ADHD Professional Luncheon

Join us in August for our ADHD Professional Guides Luncheon on ADHD & Law Enforcement. This luncheon is for professionals only.

Very little is said about the professionals who see ADHD in real life – those who work in law enforcement. The discussion will be based on the book ADHD and the Criminal Justice System (2008)

ADHD and the Criminal Justice System (2008) was written by the authors:

  • Patrick J. Hurley – law enforcement background, is an ADHD coach, has ADHD, and;
  • Robert Eme – PhD, ABPP, specializes in the treatment of ADHD.

All luncheon participants will receive a copy of the book. Seating is currently limited to 14 participants. Registration must be done online. If you register but need to cancel, you may apply your registration fee towards a new luncheon for the next six months. Registration is now open.

Check out the ADHD and the Criminal Justice System on Goodreads. All luncheon participants will receive a copy of the book.

Catering is provided by Panera. If you have any special dietary needs please let us know via email.

Event Details & Link

Date: August 23, 2023

Time: 12:00-1:30 PM Central Time (US & Canada)

Location: Resource Training & Solutions: 137 23rd St # 201 Sartell, MN 56377

Tickets: $25 incl. lunch and beverage

This luncheon is for professionals only.

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