Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been prepared to inform you of our practices concerning the collection, use and disclosure of personal information collected by A-D-A-MSM.

For the Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” means any information provided to A-D-A-MSM, recorded in any form, about an identifiable individual or organization whose identity may be inferred or determined from the information. Personal Information includes, but is not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

A-D-A-MSM is the sole owner of the Personal Information supplied to A-D-A-MSM. A-D-A-MSM only has access to collect information that you voluntarily provide. A-D-A-MSM may collect your Personal Information in many forms (hard/soft copy, electronically, facsimile, telephone, conversation/recordings, etc.) It will not sell, disseminate or share Person Information with any third party, other than what has been agreed to by you in writing.

Personal Information shall be used to update A-D-A-M’s mailing lists. Any additional information regarding specific situations or cases are retained in our records but does not become part of the mailing lists. Unless you state otherwise, A-D-A-MSM may contact you via email or postal mail with information regarding A-D-A-MSM and education and workshop information and fundraising requests. You may opt out of any future contacts from A-D-A-MSM at anytime by emailing the following: Further, you may contact A-D-A-MSM at anytime to:

1. Verify what data A-D-A-MSM has concerning you or your organization;
2. Change/correct any data concerning you or your organization;
3. Request that A-D-A-MSM delete any data on you or your organization; and
4. Express concerns you have about A-D-A-M’s use of your data.

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and all updates will be posted on our website or will be sent out by email or postal mail. You are encouraged to review the Privacy Policy often.