May We Introduce You To: Deborah Reber, Founder | TiLT Parenting

by Lee Gehrls R&D Coordinator (Volunteer)

Deborah Reber is a certified Positive Discipline trainer, parenting activist, speaker, author, and parent of a twice-exceptional son. Like all of us she and her husband went down the same road of trying to figure out what was going on with their son, finding the right professionals, enrolling in schools they thought would be the best fit for him, getting calls from the school about another incident, and dealing with challenging behaviors and outbursts at home. During these years, Deborah realized there had to be better options and that there were other parents in the same situation.

Her journey led to the founding of TiLT Parenting in 2016.

In June 2018 her book Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World was published. In 2020 another book Differently Wired: A Parent’s Guide to Raising an Atypical Child with Confidence and Hope was released. She also contributes articles to Psychology Today and ADDitude Magazine.

TiLT Parenting

According to the website: “TiLT Parenting works to change the way neuro-differences in children — ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, giftedness, processing challenges, twice-exceptionality, and more — are perceived and experienced so these exceptional children, and the parents raising them, can thrive in their schools, their families, and in their lives”.

I encourage you to read Deborah Reber’s story. Her TiLT Parenting Manifesto is an eleven-minute read where she tells the whole story of her family’s experiences and what she learned on their journey in an open and straightforward manner. She also lays out the changes she believes need to happen for differently-wired kids™ so they can grow and thrive.

The website has a lot of information and will require you to spend some time on it in order to review all the resources and programs that are available. As with all of the websites we tell you about, there is a mix of free resources as well as programs with fees. Here is a brief overview of what is on the website:

Deborah authored a five-part series that appeared in ADDitude Magazine on how the diagnosis of ADHD impacts not only your child but also you, and why that needs to be acknowledged so children can be helped.

Deborah Reber is a person with a lot of energy and passion to help differently-wired kids™ and their families have a community where they find information, support, and success. I encourage you to spend some time on the TiLT website and read her ADDitude Magazine articles. She paints a picture that most of us can identify with in some way and she may make you pause and think about how you feel about dealing with your child’s ADHD diagnosis.

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