May We Introduce You To: Impact Parents – Helping Parents Help Kids

by Lee Gehrls R&D Coordinator (Volunteer)

This month I should substitute the word “introduce” with “re-introduce” because I wrote about Impact Parents in the January 6, 2021 Positive Steps Newsletter. All websites change fairly quickly these days and Impact Parents has had a bit of an upgrade and a helpful addition that I wanted to be sure you knew about. 

Some of you may be new to this website and others may already have checked it out. Here is a quick review. The founders of Impact Parents are Diane Dempster, PCC, CPC, MHSA, and Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC, both moms of kids with attention issues and other challenges. They are known for their unique terms “complex kids”, “coaching parents of complex kids”, and their in-demand workshops Sanity School for Parents and Sanity School for Teachers. They are featured on webinars, podcasts, and articles in ADDitude Magazine and other publications along with being presenters at many conferences. Elaine is the author of the 2020 book, The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with ADHD, Anxiety, and More.

Impact Parents

Starting out on the Home Page of the Impact Parents website, you’ll find three free downloads that will give you tips on:

  • I’ve GOT to Minimize Meltdowns!
  • I’m Ready to Handle Homework Headaches
  • I Want to Help My Complex Teen

Next, you can read about the five parenting styles parents of complex kids have the tendency to fall into and take their Parenting Style Quiz. It is enlightening.

You can finish up by taking a look at their three specialized blogs: 

  • Impact ADHD
  • Impact Anxiety
  • Impact Complex Kids

The blogs will give you many hours of reading and specific information you can use. Also on the website toolbar if you click on Blogs you get the option to either read, watch, or listen to the information. It’s a nice option to be able to pick the learning style that works best for you.

The information, resources, and programs are a combination of free and purchased items. The FREE resources for parents can be found at this link and if you scroll down you get a list of all the free items.

All of the information on the Resource page is worth a look. There are programs that can be purchased such as their well-known Sanity School for Parents Behavioral Training and yes it is expensive. However, they do offer discounts and if you are on their mailing list they will send out emails letting you know what program is coming up and if there’s a discount. 

Their podcast is the new addition to the website. As of this writing, there are 80 free episodes to choose from and each episode has a brief overview of what it will cover. There are episodes where Diane or Elaine interview guests, many of whom are experts in the field of ADHD and names you will recognize. Other episodes are Diane and Elaine discussing specific problem areas in a positive, relaxing, and enlightening way. They give examples that all of us as parents of ADHD kids can relate to. The podcasts will help you stop and think about how you are interacting with your child. My son is 44 and I still pick up insights on how we can have better communication. They point out that many of the skills and tips they talk about can be used for young kids to adult kids.

I want to encourage you to check out the new podcasts. Episode 80: 4 Phases of Parenting: How to Support Without Enabling with Elaine and Diane might be the podcast you want to check out first. You don’t need to take notes, just sit back and learn.

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