May We Introduce You To: Annual Parent Palooza & International Conference on ADHD

by Lee Gehrls R&D Coordinator (Volunteer)

2022 Annual Parent Palooza | July 28-30

When my son was in elementary school, 30+ years ago, the end of July was my cue to start getting ready for the new school year. That meant buying school clothes and school supplies, setting up a meeting with his teacher or teachers to set goals for the year and discuss any special things they should know, getting him in to see his pediatrician and checking in with his therapist to make sure we were on track for the new school year, start thinking about when we would get back on a school schedule for going to bed and getting up in the morning, and role-plays we needed to brush up on (how to ride the bus, how to walk in the hallways, how to act in the cafeteria and the playground, etc.). 

The one event I did not have the opportunity to put on my calendar was attending a Parent Palooza. Having all this ADHD information would have been a wonderful way to launch a new school year.

The first Parent Palooza I attended was in 2018 and it is an event that has been improved and expanded every year. It is brought to you by the same folks who host the Annual Women’s Palooza in the Spring and the new Couples’ Palooza in December. The event is three days of learning from leading experts in the field of ADHD.

This year the program will have 34 ADHD experts in seventeen conversations. The presentation format pairs two experts to discuss important ADHD issues in kids. The whole event is online, and it is FREE.

Here is a brief overview of a few of the presenters and topics for Day 1:

  • Not My Kids! Lying, Cheating & Stealing with experts Ari Tuckman, PsyD & Sharon Saline, PsyD
  • Inattentive ADHD with experts Cynthia Hammer, MSW & Nikki Kinzer, PCC
  • Sleep & ADHD: Procrastinating, Picking Fights, Falling Asleep & More with experts Brandi Rudolph Bolling, MD & Roberto Olivardia, PhD
  • Siblings with experts Jeremy Didier, LMSW, PCAC & Jane Indergaard, MS, DNP
  • It is Different for ADHD Women & Girls with experts Stephen Hinshaw, PhD & Ellen Littman, PhD who are two of the leading experts on female ADHD.

Once an event has taken place, you will have 24 hours to listen to it. As of 06/29/22 there is still some work being completed on the website, but they are anticipating having all the website information in place by the end of the week – so be sure to check back.

You must register online, and a sign-in link will be emailed to you. At the conclusion of the Palooza, participants will have the opportunity to purchase replays of the conference which includes audio, video, bonuses, and transcripts for $97. What a positive way to add a lot of tools to your ADHD Toolbox.

Who should attend this three-day unique learning experience? Parents & caregivers, grandparents, all clinicians, therapists, social workers, educators, certified ADHD coaches – anyone who provides services to families who have children with ADHD. Remember the Palooza is FREE & it is all online!

2022 Annual International Conference on ADHD | Strength in Connection | November 17-19

You may think it is early to start talking about a November conference however the Annual International Conference on ADHD is the largest ADHD event of the year. Your hosts are ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), along with Children & Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD).

Before COVID, the conference was always an in-person event. The last two years it was virtual. I am happy to say this November the Annual International Conference on ADHD will offer you two ways to attend. Option #1 is the in-person event in Dallas, Texas at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. Option #2 you may connect to the event virtually. You can find detailed information on the website which covers:

  • The three-day agenda of each session
  • Keynote Speakers along with the list & backgrounds of each of the presenters, the Innovative Programs Presenters, and the Poster Presenters
  • Information on the conference sponsors & exhibitors
  • A description of the conference experience for the two ways to attend
  • Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Under More, you have all the registration information and the different registration fees, continuing education information, refund policy, Dallas sights to see, more conference information, and social events.

The website contains a lot of information and requires some study time to look at all the educational events. The topics that are covered are wide-ranging and diverse. After the conference, they always offer attendees and people who were not able to attend the option of purchasing a recording of the presentations.

I want to encourage you to take time to study the website as it is packed with a lot of learning opportunities on all the issues that ADHD presents. Early Bird Registration is now open, and it ends on August 31, 2022.

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