May We Introduce You To: PARENTology with Dr. John Taylor

by Lee Gehrls R&D Coordinator (Volunteer)

John F. Taylor, PhD. is a name that is probably familiar to quite a few parents and professionals in our service area due to the numerous workshops he has done in St. Cloud over the years. During the shutdown he switched to virtual workshops at as did all the other ADHD workshop presenters.

Dr. Taylor is a family psychologist and has been in this field for 40+ years. He resides in Monmouth, Oregon where he raised eight children and he gained firsthand experience in raising three kids with ADHD. In his practice he specializes in treating children and adolescents with ADD and ADHD. 

Dr. Taylor was one of the first professionals to write a book that looked at the ADD/ADHD family relationship and the many issues they faced. The book The Hyperactive Child and the Family (March 3, 1980) was a well used resource for many of us at the time. The book was a timely “what-to-do” guide not only for families but also for educators and mental health care providers.

Dr. John Taylor of PARENTology

Dr. John Taylor

Dr. Taylor became known for not only educating families and professionals as to what ADD/ADHD is but for always including techniques to handle all kinds of family and classroom challenges. He has written and produced 200+ educational materials on ADD/ADHD that can be found in audio, video and print formats as well as being the presenter at many workshops, the featured speaker at conferences, and appearing on national talk shows.

Dr. Taylor is a firm believer in making sure parents have unlimited educational resources to ADD/ADHD. He always traveled with boxes and boxes of books, audio, and video materials that we would set out at his workshops for the participants to explore. This was important to parents in the 1980s and 1990s as these resources were difficult to find. 


Today, Dr. Taylor’s website offers you information that is free and services that do have fees. A few of the features on his website include:

  •  An archive of 19 past webinar recordings (each has a $20 fee)
  • 13 Mini Webinars that are FREE and are approximately 15 minutes long. Here’s a brief list of a few of the topics covered:
    • A three-part series on Anger
    • Friendship Skills
    • Cooperation with Routines
    • Family Meetings
    • Bedtime and Tuck Ins
    • Teaching Kids How to Apologize
  • Under Extras you have:
    • Tips and Tricks on Anger Control and Friendship Skills
    • 11 of his exclusively developed forms that cover a variety of topics and are available in English and Spanish

I encourage you to spend some time this summer checking out You just might find Dr. Taylor would make a helpful addition to your ADHD Library and ADHD Toolbox in time for a brand-new school year.

Dr. Taylor’s contact information:

Mail: PO Box 433, Monmouth, Oregon 97361

Fax: 503-838-1608


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