Wither & Tynes Life and Business Coaching for ADHD Brains

Donna Addkison, M.A., M.S., AACC, CACP
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Donna Addkison
1436 Hague Ave
St Paul, MN 55104
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About our organization

Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation
Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCAC), Professional Association for ADHD Coaches
ADDCA Certified Coach Graduate (ACCG), ADD Coach Academy
ADD Coach Academy Certified Coach (AACC)
PAAC Credentialed Coach (CACP)

Whether you have an ADHD diagnosis or not, we partner through coaching to build awareness and promote individual growth. Together, we explore how you can make better choices, focus your attention and actions, and live your best life. You CAN build on your strengths and work WITH your uniquely wired brain. Welcoming clients of all races, cultures, identities, abilities, & orientations.

Areas and communities we serve
Based in St. Paul and serving all of Minnesota through live online sessions.
Special programs or services that accommodate individuals with AD/HD?
One-on-one coaching; Intimate Partners coaching; Multi-person household coaching; Group coaching; Four-week topic-focused workshops; HR trainings; group presentations upon request
Insurance providers that are accepted by our practice
Extended services we provide
Patient/parent/family/education, School/educational consultations
Other comments regarding our training, experience or special interest in the above disabilities and chronic conditions:
Professional Association of ADHD Coaches CACP certification
ADD Coach Academy AACC certification
Disabilities or chronic conditions in which we have training, experience or special interest
AD/HD Adolescent, AD/HD College Student, AD/HD Adult (23-50), AD/HD Adult (51+)
Age groups we serve
Adolescent (13-18), College (19-22), Adult (23-50), Adult (51+)