By Lee Gehrls, Volunteer Resource Development Coordinator

Dr. Larry Silver is a well respected expert in the field of ADHD and has been contributing articles to ADDitude Magazine for 10 years.  I think one reason I have found his articles so enjoyable over the years is because not only does he give you sound ADHD information, his writings comes from his heart.  Dr. Silver’s has ADHD and is very open about it.  He has a daughter with ADHD and three grandchildren with ADHD.  He has learning disabilities as does his daughter as well as two of the grandchildren.  This is a family who truly knows what it is like to live with the disorder.  They make no excuses or apologies and work to be there for each other.

I hope you will take time out of this holiday season to read this article, “That’s Just Fine in Our Clan”: Building Strong, Supportive ADHD Families – it’s a good reminder of what it’s like for those with ADHD and how we can support them.  There won’t be any additional readings listed at the end of the blog because there are helpful and interesting links all through the article.  I do encourage you to read Dr. Silver’s article about his granddaughter, “The Pause Button” which he wrote in 2005.  These two articles might be just what you need to bring your holidays to a close.  They will certainly give you food for thought as you start your new year.