2022 In Review: Updates From the 2022 Newsletters

by Lee Gehrls R&D Coordinator (Volunteer)

This year has seen a big increase in ADHD information. If you Google ADHD you get millions of results that include every type of educational material in every format and all types of support products. Then you must figure out what is safe, evidence-based and what you need to stay away from. This drives home the point that ADHD research continues to grow, and those new findings require all of us who live in ADHD families to continue to learn. Many of you have heard me say for years that ADHD requires lifelong learning for the person who has it and for their family, friends, and for all professionals.

This end-of-the-year update has a theme: podcasts. I’ve been more of a webinar person up until two years ago when I discovered that sometimes podcasts were an easier and quicker way to stay up with new ADHD information. Every podcast presenter is different, and it took a bit of time for me to figure out which ones were a good fit for my learning style. Here is a brief recap of this year’s Feature Articles that offer podcasts!

March 2022 | Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast

Take control of your ADHD with Certified ADHD Coach Nikki Kinzer, who co-hosts with Pete Wright on their podcast Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast. They talk to therapists, other coaches, and experts in education, and parenting. They have won awards during the 10 years of podcasting and their archive has 300+ podcasts.

August 2022 | ADDItude Magazine & CHADD

This issue focused on ADDitude Magazine and CHADD which are two of the best-known and most-used websites on ADHD. ADDitude maintains a huge archive of webinars and podcasts. The archive begins with a podcast on October 25, 2012, and continues through November 17, 2022. The early replays can be accessed for a nominal fee. From 2015 forward the replays are free.

CHADD also maintains an archive that begins with a transcript on January 13, 2010, and then progresses to YouTube and on to podcasts, and back to YouTube through October 26, 2022. Using these two resources is an easy way to learn Who’s Who in the field of ADHD.

September 2022 | ADDA & Understood

In this issue, we updated you on ADDA and Understood which gives you unique resources.

ADDA is the website for adult ADHD and they do require a membership to use some of their virtual resources. There are different levels of membership. They offer ADDA Health Storylines which is a mobile app that can help adults with ADHD handle some of their daily needs such as an exercise diary or routine builder. There are six options. It’s free and available for Android, iOS, and the Web.

Understood offers a variety of information in different formats. Their podcasts are based on real stories from people who have ADHD and other learning challenges. They offer you five different categories to choose from and are quickly building archives for each one.

November 2022 | Impact Parents

I reintroduced you to Impact Parents with parent trainers Diane Dempster, PCC, CPC, MHSA, and Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC. Their website offers a combination of free resources and purchased items. The new addition to their website is the podcast which now has an archive of 84 episodes. Their easy-going conversation style allows you to take in the information with their focus always on helping you to communicate better and gain insight as to what is going on with your complex kids.

I want to end with one more reminder on two resources from the newsletters in 2021.

September: This isn’t about a podcast but rather an update on the redesigned website of Alan P. Brown founder of ADD Crusherand I encourage you to check it out. The website is easy to use and to locate the information you are looking for. He still has his blog, and he has added several new free tools.

October: Jeff Copper who is the host and founder of Attention Talk Radio has an impressive archive of 674 podcast episodes making this one of the leading weekly self-help Internet radio podcasts on ADHD. 

I hope you will give these resources a try. You can tuck this information away until after the holidays and then make this your New Year’s Resolution to check out these ADHD learning options in 2023 to strengthen your ongoing ADHD education. All these resources are:

  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient, can use them in the comfort of your home and when your schedule permits.
  • Mostly free.
  • Will make you a stronger participant on your ADHD Team.

In closing, I want to thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. I hope you have found the information helpful this year and we look forward to bringing you more new ADHD learning options in 2023. Remember we welcome any feedback you would care to give us. All of us wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and safe travel if you are out and about. May the New Year bring you and your family positive steps in 2023.

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