May We Introduce You To: AccessiBe, Website Accessibility Software

by Lee Gehrls R&D Coordinator (Volunteer)

special thanks to Adam Gehrls VP, who contributed research information on AccessiBe and website accessibility

In past issues, I’ve mentioned how the Internet offers millions of resources on ADHD and how no one can review this huge amount of information. Another challenge for many with ADHD is that reading information on a screen does not work for them. Some get confused with all the different topics websites can have, some find it difficult to stay focused on what they are reading, and for some reading from screens can give them headaches.

In this issue, our organization is pleased to announce that, thanks to our marketing and website partners at Cohlab, we now have software on our website* to help solve some of these challenges. That software is called AccessiBe.

Website Accessibility

Here’s a bit of background on why AccessiBe is important. As more information is coming to us through the Internet and people turn to the web for help, it is important that information providers ensure their information is readily accessible to everyone in our neurodiverse world.

Since 1998 the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has promoted and provided guidance on the constantly evolving accessibility needs of those who use the Internet and how sites should address those needs.

In addition to the W3C guidelines, some nations and states have created their own policies relating to web accessibility. The US ADA has updated guidance for 2022 on web accessibility. The State of Minnesota has developed its own guidelines and policies concerning this issue.

Website Accessibility

The challenge of providing up-to-date web accessibility features is as challenging as providing up-to-date information on ADHD and other neurodiversity issues itself. Fortunately, there are businesses as well as organizations that have stepped up to help meet this need. One such service is AccessiBe. 

AccessiBe uses AI to provide online sites with a variety of tools that enable browsers to tailor their web experience to their unique accessibility needs, whether from one of the pre-defined options (like the ADHD setting) or by custom-tailored settings to address needs that may fall outside the presets. Over 160,000 business and industry organizations use AccessiBe to help them achieve accessibility compliance. It also meets ADA compliance requirements.

We believe that web accessibility is an expanding field that will only grow in importance in the future. Over the years we have heard numerous stories about the challenges people face in navigating the Internet, which includes accessibility issues. Part of our mission is to raise awareness of web accessibility standards that exist and to promote the existence of these tools so that Internet users are aware of these resources. One way for us to educate those with ADHD, their families, and professionals was to add AccessiBe to our website.

So now let’s look at the fun part of AccessiBe. It’s easy to use and provides many AI options to help you have a successful learning experience on our website.*

Here’s how you begin. Navigate to our website (or simply stay on this page) and in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, you will see the toggle. Click on that little person and up pops all the following options:

  • Directions that are available in 16 languages.
  • Accessibility profiles: Seizure Safe Profile, Vision Impaired Profile, ADHD Friendly Profile, Cognitive Disability Profile, Keyboard Navigation (Motor), & Blind Users (Screen Reader).
  • Content Adjustment – 11 options to choose from such as Highlight Titles, Text Magnifier, and Adjust Font Sizing just to name a few.
  • Color Adjustments – many options here to enhance your website reading.
  • Orientation Adjustments – 11 options to choose from such as Mute Sounds, Hide Images, and Reading Guides to name a few of the options.
  • When you leave the website your settings are saved via ‘cookie’ – if you clear your cookies or visit via a different browser or device, you’ll have to reset your settings again.

I encourage you to try AccessiBe and if you have any problems be sure to let us know. Your feedback would be appreciated. We are pleased to be able to add this application to our website to support those with ADHD and to make their ADHD learning experience easier and less stressful which can help them be more successful with their management program.

*AccessiBe only works on our domain, Our newsletters (example) are hosted by MailChimp, and so can’t be adjusted by the AccessiBe tool.

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